Hello, Readers!

There are four sections on my WordPress blog:

TV, Films, and Books

Information Technology and Multimedia


一つ First. Reviews on Anime, TV Series, Films, and Books (including comics).


二つ Second. Tutorials and knowledge related to Information Technology and Multimedia.


Personal Life


三つ Third. Which includes shower thoughts, rants, etc.


四つ Fourth. Just similar to a journal.

Anyway, I used HTML table to display the four sections. Unfortunately, it’s not responsive. Sorry mobile users.

Don’t throw tomatoes at me!

Looking for Graphic Designer?

If you are looking for a graphic designer, just message me. I know some good graphic designers out there… and that includes me.

Oops. Too proud. Too proud.

Kidding aside, I could really help. I have free time after working hours. Below are my sample works and here’s a link to my Behance profile.

Hire me (Haru).pngHire me.gif

Anyway, I am still learning Japanese. I can’t help you with Japanese.